Jan Stafford Kellis

Untethered by Julie Lawson Timmer

Julie Lawson Timmer’s writing grabbed me from the first page and pulled me right in. I’m sorry I already finished the book–I wish it was another 500 pages long.

The story takes place in Michigan, where Bradley Hawthorn dies in a car accident. He leaves behind his wife, Char, and his daughter, Allie. Char is Allie’s stepmother, and Allie’s mother Lindy is a self-absorbed twit who moved to California years ago. Char and Allie endure a period of limbo while Lindy claims she’s deciding when Allie can move to California with her, and Allie falls in with a questionable crowd and Char struggles to maintain the close relationship they’d built when Bradley was alive. Allie also tutors a young former foster child, Morgan Crew, who’s dealing with serious issues of her own. Everything comes to a head at once and Char learns how strong she really is, and she learns that sometimes you can choose your own family.

If you enjoy reading Liane Moriarty or Jodi Picoult or Stephanie Kallos, you’ll love this book!