Jan Stafford Kellis

Thank you

Dear Bookworms:
I’ve been in a self-imposed time out.

My intention, when I started this email list & blog, was to send something interesting and/or useful to my readers every two to four weeks.

I had grand plans of sharing book recommendations and recipes and letting you know what I’m working on. A couple of months ago, I sustained a major upheaval that necessitated buying and renovating a house, and moving into it. Since then, I’ve been nesting and healing, resting and reading, and generally treating myself as well as possible. I’m on my third cup of ginger tea as I write this.

So thank you, dear readers, for not leaving my email list and blog! I thought of you several times over the past few weeks, but I was unable to face the blank email template long enough to form words.

Yes, I’m living at Shangri La now. Shangri La originally referred to a fictional Utopian place popularized in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon, by James Hilton. I’ve always considered the name Shangri La to mean ‘Happy Place’.

I don’t believe in failure.

When something doesn’t work out, I ask myself two questions:
1. What did I learn?
2. How can I make the best of this, or gain from this? What is now possible that wasn’t before?

Okay, there are technically three questions, but the second question may require rephrasing depending on the situation, so I provided a couple of examples.

Next time you feel like you failed, ask yourself those two (or three) questions and you’ll discover the silver lining.

I’ll be back in 2-4 weeks, so watch your inbox. In the meantime, take care of yourself, give yourself a break, and make time to read.

It’s Horizontal Hold Season, people! This is high reading time. Go crack open a book.