Jan Stafford Kellis

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

This is another book I allowed to gather dust on my shelf, but once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! This is the true story of Cheryl Strayed’s 1100+ mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m so glad Cheryl hiked this trail, because now I don’t have to. I feel like I was beside her every step of the way–I even checked my feet for blisters and open wounds (I found none). Cheryl was a rarity on the trail: a lone female with a large, heavy backpack she called Monster. She’s a quick study, and soon learned from a fellow hiker how to lighten her load.

Cheryl met many interesting people and had a couple of scary incidents, but mostly good luck, and by the end of the hike, after she’d endured rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, crippling foot wounds, relentless hunger and thirst, she realized she’d also endured her grief over her mother’s passing, her recent divorce and her family’s disconnection. She handled all of this with just enough self-deprecation, self-awareness, and humility to endear herself to me, and probably to every reader who is lucky enough to happen upon this book.

I look forward to reading her other books.