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The Orphans of Race Point by Patry Francis

The Orphans of Race Point by Patry Francis

The Orphans of Race Point: A NovelThe Orphans of Race Point: A Novel by Patry Francis

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A violent act one October night in Provincetown leaves nine-year-old Gus Silva orphaned. When Hallie Costa shows up at his door with a copy of David Copperfield and two fish in a plastic bag, thinking she will restore his voice and help him re-enter the world, a lifelong bond is formed. This is the story of three friends: Gus, Hallie and Neil Gallagher, and how their fates remain braided together even after a terrifying night on the beach leaves Hallie near death and Gus stops communicating with her. Neil becomes the bridge between the other two friends even as he pursues his stage-acting career and Gus enters the seminary.

Friendship, family, murder, diabolical betrayal, redemption and retribution are all woven tightly together in this tale. Honesty, love, trust, and a good dose of loyalty make this story rich and realistic. After reading this tale you might find yourself wondering how well you know your closest friends.

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