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It’s Alive! The Kindle Version of Bookworms Anonymous Volume II is finally here!

It’s Alive! The Kindle Version of Bookworms Anonymous Volume II is finally here!

At long last, Bookworms Anonymous Volume II is available in Kindle format. 

I’m so excited, I feel a rhyme coming on.

Will you read it on your phone?
Will you read it far from home?
On an iPad, or any device,
Take your time and read it twice!
Swipe your finger to turn the page–
Paperless reading is all the rage.
Click here to get your copy today,
Ten seconds to download and it’s on the way.
Read it, read it, all the way through–
This is the story I wrote for you.

The women are gathered again! Bookworms Anonymous is a non-traditional reading group established in 2000, comprised of seven women in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They meet monthly to share a gourmet vegetarian meal and discuss and swap books. Part memoir, part cookbook and part celebration of words and reading, Bookworms Anonymous Volume II contains many of the same things found in Volume I: reading group meetings, anecdotes, book reviews and recipes.

“A delightful read for any book lover, Bookworms Anonymous II is packed with great reading recommendations and insightful conversation from seven savvy readers. Book club-friendly recipes are a delicious bonus! Now, I’m off to the bookstore…” – Kathleen Flinn, author of The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry and The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

Bookworms Anonymous www.jankellis.com

Bookworms Anonymous Volume II: Life’s Too Short To Read Bad Books. www.jankellis.com

“A warm celebration of two of life’s most vital ingredients–books and friendships.” – Ellen Airgood, author of South of Superior and Prairie Evers

“A love letter to reading, beautifully rendered, and with all the warmth and fun and closeness of your favorite book club on that perfect meeting night.” – Robert Kurson, author of Shadow Divers and Crashing Through

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…read long…read often…read much…

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