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Truth Like the Sun

Truth Like the Sun

Truth Like the SunTruth Like the Sun by Jim Lynch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seattle is itself a character in this story of political corruption, greed, and ancient secrets.  One story line covers the 1962 World’s Fair, held in Seattle, exposing the back alley deals between the city’s most powerful men.  The other story line propels the reader into 2001, when Mr. Seattle decides to save his city by running for mayor, stirring the interest of a young reporter new to the city and eager to expose his past.  The book alternates story lines chapter by chapter, unveiling every secret friendship and money-laundering deal and with perfect timing.

Truth Like the Sun is very different from Lynch’s other book, Border Songs, but both provide an enjoyable, engrossing read.  Seattle has always intrigued me; now it’s on my list of travel destinations.

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