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How Reading Changed My Life

How Reading Changed My Life

How Reading Changed My LifeHow Reading Changed My Life by Anna Quindlen
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Of course it’s a good book!  Anna Quindlen doesn’t know how to write any other kind.  I’m sure her grocery lists are riveting.

This is a salute to reading; it’s a love letter to reading;  it’s a life story about a reader reading.  As an avid, compulsive reader I identified with most of Anna’s experiences.  I, too, have marked important life events by reading;  I’ve solved life problems by reading;  I’ve elevated reading to its natural rank in my daily life and I’ve moved beyond reading (without letting go of the book) to writing, although I’m not nearly as prolific or accomplished as A. Quindlen.

It’s a short book with a deep heart-felt message, a kind of thank you note to reading, and a note of gratitude to the life she’s lead, which allowed her to read.  The end includes several interesting reading lists, suitable to pass around book clubs (one list is actually just for book clubs).

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