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FREE Kindle book!

FREE Kindle book!

Bookworms Anonymous is available FREE through Christmas Eve!  Click here to get your copy now. Part memoir, part cookbook, and part informational guide, Bookworms Anonymous is a laudatory examination of reading as a hobby, diversion, obsession, even sport. The book features a Bookworm’s eye view of eight meetings as well…

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday falls three days after Christmas. Most people, when learning this, assume my ‘special day’ is often overlooked and that I was cheated, present-wise, as a child. They respond with a sympathetic comment not regarding my age, but regarding the date on which I acknowledge my age. I’ve always liked my birthday, even as a child, mainly because if I didn’t receive my entire wish list of gifts on Christmas I merely had to wait three days to open another mountain of presents.

My parents weren’t rich but they always made sure I had a separate celebration for my birthday. Three days after Christmas (it’s also 3 days before New Year’s Eve) is actually the perfect day to celebrate, creating a festival atmosphere on the last week of the year.

As I contemplate my upcoming birthday, a milestone only if one is concerned with prime numbers (I’ll be 43), I realize most of the birthday celebrations in one’s life are for other people. The first birthday usually passes with the gift recipient unaware, drooling on chocolate cake and toddling about to entertain the guests. By the second birthday, the child is able to enjoy opening the gifts but still has no idea why they are receiving them. Birthdays 3-25 are generally anticipated and celebrated by the birthday kid, her friends and family, co-workers and significant other(s). After 25 though, at least for me, the birthday reverts to yet another event requiring observance, if only to avoid appearing gauche for ignoring it. 

The Bookworms ladies still call me kid.  I’m the second youngest Bookworm, the eldest being 74, and the next eldest ringing in at 71 or so.  Although they are loathe to use the ‘seventy’ word, so they tell people they are sixty-fourteen and sixty-eleven, respectively.  They’re both aging in grand fashion, retaining their curiosity and joy in small pleasures, so maybe they’re on to something. 

FREE Books Giveaway is over

FREE Books Giveaway is over

I hope everyone entered the contest to win a FREE copy of Superior Sacrifices on Goodreads.com!  If not, I’m sorry you missed the opportunity for a free book. The contest ended last night and I’m shipping out the winning 15 copies today! To see the book on Goodreads, click HERE.…

De Tour Village: A Village Christmas

Join us on December 1, 2012 for A Village Christmas!
It’s a Village-wide event, featuring various artisans and crafters from the Eastern Upper Peninsula.  The Village merchants join in the fun too, offering sales and great deals during this festive day.
See the official Facebook Event page for more information, and plan a trip to De Tour Village!  If you haven’t been here yet, it’s time you came to see what all the excitement is about.

Magazine Flower Bouquet, Magnets

Writing is my preferred creative outlet, but every now and then I need to relax and disengage my mind a bit, and create something…else.  Of course I love paper, and words, and words on paper, so my creations usually incorporate these elements somehow. It all started with Pinterest.  Somehow Connie…

Superior Sacrifices:  It’s Here!

Superior Sacrifices: It’s Here!

Superior Sacrifices has hit the shelves of several fine stores in Northern Michigan, and Amazon.com!  A tale of betrayal, redemption and the consequences of silence by the author of Bookworms Anonymous and The Word That You Heard. This is the story of Mitch and Marcia: twins, best friends and local…

Writing Weather

It’s a grand day for writing. The wind is whipping the trees around (no power outages at our house yet, but there’s still hope) and the rain comes and goes so it’s impossible to plan any outdoor activities. The clouds are cruising west to east so fast they look like…

Extreme Writing

As mentioned in Bookworms Anonymous, extreme reading is a little recognized sport performed by reading outside.  I doubt we’ll ever see it in the Olympics, or witness a district extreme reading tournament. It’s not really a spectator sport; the reader/performer is the team, the audience and the coach.  Extreme reading…

The roar of the keys

The roar of the keys

Some days my writing is on fire. I can barely hear my thoughts over the roar of the keys. My focus is completely internal as I listen to my inner voice and close my eyes to shut out all visual distractions, determined to capture every salient phrase bursting from my…

No time to read? Horrors!

“I don’t have time to read,”  mused my friend.  I’ll call her Dora.  Dora Boring. I considered her statement, glancing around her immaculate house and yard.  She doesn’t work more than 25 hours per week (I work 50 outside the home, not counting my writing);  she has two kids and…