Jan Stafford Kellis

My Favorite Polygamist

Golden Richards, it appears, lives a charmed life. He maintains three households, four wives, and innumerable children and a contracting/construction business. He’s also involved in the hierarchy of his church, where his impressive number of wives boosts his prestige. One would think since he’s never alone, he wouldn’t be lonely. Upon examining Golden’s life the reader discovers the myriad challenges of sustaining multiple families, attending sporting events, dramatic performances and family meetings, all the while wishing desperately for a few minutes alone to think private thoughts and reflect on his lot in life.

I read this one as slowly as possible and was still disappointed when it ended.
Brady Udall surpassed himself this time and created a shelf-worthy masterpiece.

This tale will earn the Bookworms Anonymous Stamp Of Approval, I’m sure, as soon as the remaining Bookworms finish reading it and we hold a proper vote.See www.bookwormsanonymous.com for a list of all books that have earned the Stamp of Approval and books that are contenders.