Jan Stafford Kellis

The Word That You Heard

I’ve been so lax in promoting my new book I ought to be arrested by the publicity police and charged with a marketing misdemeanor. I did bring my new book, The Word That You Heard, to the presentation I held last week and it was well received. This morning I woke up and thought, “The book isn’t even on my blog!” How lame is that? I need to create posters, post cards, rack cards and a press release. I should probably be working on that right now instead of sitting here writing about it.

I’ve sold about a dozen copies so far and it’s available on Amazon with a Search Inside the Book Feature. Check it out! I’ve had rave reviews so far and plan to bring it to the next Bookworms Anonymous meeting. (To learn more about our Bookworms Anonymous meetings, check out the website at www.bookwormsanonymous.com.)