Jan Stafford Kellis
Common Titles

Common Titles

When my first book, Bookworms Anonymous, hit the shelves (the Amazonian shelves, anyway) I immediately established a Google Alert so every time the phrase Bookworms Anonymous hits the internet, I am notified.

It’s amazing how many people use the same phrase. Usually the Alerts point me to a book club’s website or chat room, where I peruse entries from various bibliophiles such as myself waxing digitally about the latest, greatest book they’ve read. Today I was lucky enough to stumble upon a blog  (http://adprincess-hn.blogspot.com/ ) written with style and panache, with today’s entry titled Bookworms Anonymous. The author lives in London, a city on my short list of vacation destinations, so the blog is all the more intriguing. And she has a job at Christie’s! So cool.

So set up your Google Alerts–enjoy the notifications about everything interesting, or everything containing your name and watch the world expand and shrink at the same time.

3 thoughts on “Common Titles

  1. Little Miss Fashionista

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you very much for your shout-out – I feel very honoured to be mentioned in your posting!!! Isn’t it amazing how words can bring people together in these ways!!
    Hadassah x