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Can I Blame the Time Change?

Can I Blame the Time Change?

Ever since we sprang forward last Sunday, the chaos factor in my life increased tenfold.

It all started with a phone call late in the evening from a close relative, freshly beaten and hiding in her yard, having been locked out of the house by her live-in boyfriend. My husband and I rushed to her aid, called the police, and spent the night sitting up talking, planning, reassuring the victim and keeping each other from returning to the house and retaliating on her behalf.

Monday I worked ten hours so I could leave work early on Tuesday to take my relative in to replace her driver’s license, clothing and personal care items, and assuage her sense of despair.

By Wednesday my husband and I had conferred and agreed to use our recently received tax refund to give her a “do-over”, and presented her with the option of travelling to Alaska (this isn’t as random as it seems–we have all kinds of cousins, aunts and uncles there) and seeking a summer job.

On Thursday I made the travel arrangements: $1500 later, we have a concrete plan and an excited passenger, ready for take off next Thursday morning. Assuming she receives her photo ID in the mail by then, as she’ll need it to board the plane…

Next week will be similarly hectic, as I have a speaking engagement Wednesday evening, an airport drop off at 5am Thursday morning, and I’m flying to Europe Friday afternoon!

I can’t help but wonder if we didn’t observe daylight savings time, maybe the whole world wouldn’t have lost its balance.

4 thoughts on “Can I Blame the Time Change?

  1. Linda

    Goodness! I hope Europe will be calming. We were talking with friends this morning about the chaotic, fast-paced lane changing without signaling world we’re spinning in right now. You’re an angel, Jan, in any time zone, and angels get to have naps!

  2. Leslie Allen

    If only domestic violence could be blamed on time change … all the best to your relative; I hope she is able to leave violence behind. Thanks to you and your husband for helping.

  3. Jan Kellis

    Thank you for the encouraging comments! My vacations usually aren’t calming because I have a long list of things to see and do, but at least it’s a different energy and exactly what I need right now.