Jan Stafford Kellis

Forced Horizontal Hold

Oh darn, I’m sick. A malicious virus has rendered me immobile and the only thing I can move is my eyes, back and forth across the page.

Is it possible to enjoy any other hobby in the world when you’re sick? It’s almost a blessing as I’m forced to adopt horizontal hold position, barely able to support the book. The biggest challenge is deciding whether I should prop it up on my knees or hold it up with my hands. Reality recedes to a comfortable distance as I rest and recuperate and read.

I can hear the phone ringing, but I’m too weak to answer. My voice fails me, startling in its gruffness and random squeaks.

Someone’s at the door, but I’m too weak to answer. If I lift my head from the pillow I realize how lightheaded I am. It’s sad, really, but all I can do is read.

Really, it’s not my choice. It’s the virus.