Jan Stafford Kellis

Embrace Your Inner Nerd

Embrace Your Inner Nerd

My sister and I and our husbands were listening to the local band playing the other night, peering at each other through the smoky air, watching the locals and the visitors on the dance floor. We always enjoy band nights, providing a chance to cut loose and dance to our favorite familiar tunes from the ’70s and ’80s, with the occasional commercial jingle thrown in. Side effects include hearing loss and smoke-reddened eyes; conversation is possible only by employing complicated gestures or yelling directly into someone’s ear. At first, I thought I’d heard wrong when my sister said, “the singer has a book light!”

“What?” I yelled back, glancing around in search of a yellow-bulbed bug light.

“A BOOK light! The singer! It’s on his music stand.”

I finally saw the telltale book light, illuminating more than the page. It provided physical evidence of nerdhood.

“See, everyone’s a nerd!” My sister grinned. “Some people are just more subtle about it.”

“Do you suppose the drummer has a pocket protector?” I asked.

“I bet the bass player has suspenders under that bulky sweatshirt.” She answered.

Have you hugged a nerd today?